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We are able to solve any “pain” in your business due to our vast experience in IT, creative thinking and technology!

Business site

This is the best site for presenting your company on the Internet.

Such a site usually contains all the information about goods and services, information about the company, contacts, galleries.

Non-standard solutions are often also required: price calculators, product designers, complicated application forms, location maps, and much more.

We are able to realize any customer needs and solve any “pains” in his business due to his vast experience in IT, creative thinking and technology!

A couple of words

A website for a company is not just pictures with text, it is the main tool for your business.

It is on the site of your client that all internal questions should be closed about your reliability of trust in you, the level of competence in the field that you represent.

A business site solves 3 main problems of doing business on the Internet: customer acquisition, customer retention and communication.

Work examples

Examples of our projects (business sites).


Work stages


Identification of customer needs and preferences through interviews and questionnaires, selection of references.


Market research
Analysis of all market leaders in your area, identifying the key advantages of the product / service.


Designing site sketches, planning the layout of content, creating or selecting images, illustrations and video content.


Writing texts for filling categories, descriptions of services, description of products, news blocks prepared for SEO description.


Layout of the site, and content filling. Installation of security software, connection to search engines.


Project completion
Transfer of all passwords and site ownership rights. User Training / Administration.

7 gifts for every

Individual design

The ability to develop an individual website design allows us to be responsible for every pixel on the site.
The unique style will set you apart from competitors and instantly gain the trust of site visitors.

Tracking Scripts

We put activity tracking scripts (Facebook / Google) of your visitors on the site. You will know the gender and age of potential customers, the type of device, the time at which people go to the site and much more. Thus, you will be able to further configure your advertising campaigns on the Internet much more accurately.

Google connection

After the site is ready, we run it through Google, and put the tracking codes (Google Analytics) in the site, thereby displaying the site in the search results in the first days of publication.


This is a description of the pages and materials on the site for search engines. Without SEO optimization, your site will not get on the first pages of Google.

SSL certificate

We connect the SSL certificate to the site. Having an SSL certificate allows you to raise your ranking on Google. It also positively affects the confidence of visitors to the site (~ 37% of people living in Europe pay attention to the availability of a certificate).

Website Acceleration

When developing a site, we optimize the content as much as possible for a good download speed. We also use content caching systems and gradual loading algorithms.

Spam & Virus Protection

Every day, thousands of sites become victims of mass mailing of viruses. The virus enters the root of the site and begins to create malicious pages by sending visitors to the sites by attackers or the virus forces you to send the same spam through your site. The software that we provide avoids the infection of your site.


Customers talk about us.

Jana Jazdanova
Jana Jazdanova
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High professionalism in their field, adequate prices, human approach, understanding of the task, the ability to perform difficult tasks, decency, honesty, business approach, speed of work are all about this company. They helped me a lot, and I recommend contacting them!
Dana Basalgina
Dana Basalgina
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Great help with the creation of a mobile version of the site. Adequately assess the capabilities of the existing site and offer the best solution! Good prices!
Janis Ozols
Janis Ozols
MG Industries
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Very satisfied with the updated site! The guys were always in touch and answered all questions. I recommend to friends and colleagues.
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Thank you so much for your incredible, great, and quality work! We learned a lot about advertising on the Internet and in social services. networks with your help. The site works like a clock, old customers praise the new site. 🙂 In general, thank you, you are smart! 😛
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We ordered a website and logo. Satisfied with the work. The guys were in touch, resolving issues quickly.
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Turned to try advertising on Google. The result was pleasantly surprised, for the first week of 20 entries in groups purely from Google's. Thanks for the setup, I probably would not have figured out these diagrams myself.